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June 13, 2012 Fishing Report

Lake Texoma lake elevation is 617.08 and water temperature is 78-81 degrees. The Lake Texoma striper fishing over the past several weeks has been really good. The larger fish which have spawned are back and are hungry and aggressive. I'm still using live bait fishing mainly deep water (60-80ft) and still working deep water ledges,ditches and humps.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report


We are starting to see alot of fish working the surface, but so far the ones I have caught have been on the small side. I haven't had much success with slabs yet but expect to see it change literally any day now. Most of the better fish on texoma were staged on the south end of the lake, but over the past week they've started moving out to the main lake.


Lake Texoma striper fishing report


The Lake Texoma stripers should continue to feed heavily for the next several weeks. If you've never seen acres of fish blowing up on the surface and would like to get in on some of the fast and hard action of the feeding frenzy, the the next couple months will be the prime time. Book your trip or bring the boat and get in on the action.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report


We've had alot more traffic out the past few weekend so remember to be courteous to you fellow boaters and make sure your Texoma fishing permit is current. Weather is beautiful and Texoma striper fishing is getting hotter every day.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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