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Lake Texoma Striper Recipes


Doug Keeter Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide


Care of your Striper Fillets

    Striper Master removes the red meat from your fillets, but if your guide doesn't, when you get home after your fishing trip remove as much of the red meat that runs down the center of each fillet. This is easily done using a sharp knife and making a long angled slice down the length of the fillet along the red meat. This will split the fillet down the middle into nice sized serving pieces.

    Rinse and clean your striper fillets with cool water and bag them into serving sized portions. As a rule 1 lb. of fillets serves two people.

    Zip-lock type freezer bags make the perfect container to keep your fillets in.

    Cover the fillets with water, and add a few drops of lemon juice. The ice once frozen, will protect the fillets against freezer-burn and allow you to keep your fillets fresh for 4-6 months.


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